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Happy Tales Humpback Whales "Gentle Giant" Beluga the Whale Humpback Whale "Freestyle" Salmon
7 Ft. Alligators Small American Alligator American Alligator  "Jaws" American Alligator "Tiny" Grizzly Bear
Antoine Robidoux Ute Indain Human Figure "Bunk Baxter" Saluting Soldier Horse
Maine Lobster "Cha Cha Cha" Bottle Nose Dolphins "Catchin' a Wave" California Sea Lion Walrus "Fat n Happy" Sea Turtle -  "Idle Tides"
Chimpanzee "Good Thoughts" Bison "Issiwun" Siberian Tiger "Regal Repose" Moose "Marsh Fellow" Dog Bronze Sculpture
Otter "Bon Appetit" Otters in Group Otters " Open Waters" Small Otter Sea Otters
White Pelican "Maestro" Brown Pelican "The Port Authority" Great Blue Heron "Great  Blue" Mute Swan "Maiden Voyage" Bald Eagle "Kenai"
Sea Turtle "Tortuga" Green Sea Turtles "Sea Shells" Small Green Sea Turtles "Coastin" Green Sea Turtles "Sea Shells" Gal�pagos Tortise "Saddleback"
Bear "Just Bearly" Bear "Zen Bear" Big Horn Sheep "Pride of the Rockies" Bunnies "Little Bunny" Bulldog  "Bronze Bulldog"
Praying Mantis "Lucille" Spanish Fighting Bull      


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Happy Tales

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